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Brazilian street art has gotten a shoutout from none other than Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal. In a recent post on his Instagram timeline, he shared a bunch of street art photos. The vibrant artworks show different beautiful faces painted on the walls along the streets. What’s charming about these murals is that they incorporate and merge with adjacent trees and shrubs. The trees and shrubs are made to look like the hair on the head of these painted faces. Arjun Rampal wrote, “Brazilian street art. Love it. Will give most hairstylists a run for their money.”

The artworks are the original creations of Brazilian artist Fabio Gomes Trindade. Here is a photo from his Instagram page where a child and a woman are seen marvelling at the mural of a girl with purple hair and the adjacent purple flower bush.

Meanwhile, Arjun Rampal’s post has received more than 55k hearts. Celebrity hairstylist Aalim Hakim raised a toast by commenting on his post with fire emoji and raised hands emoji.

A user commented, “Wow. So beautiful.”

Another wrote, “Creativity at its peak. Love from Kerala.”

This person shared his thoughts in Spanish, “Bonito,” which means nice.

Many were baffled by the artist’s perspective.

“Crazy point of view,” read one of the reactions.

“Love this so much, it’s truly whimsical,” wrote another.

A person also compared these street artworks with graffiti art in cities like Los Angeles. “Now that’s some street art. Tell me that looks dop.! Much cooler than graffiti in LA,” read the comment.

Users from Brazil too appreciated the post. “Yes in a normal street one can see something creative on the wall. Love from Brazil,” it read.

India, too, saw a boom in street art in recent years. The pandemic gave a new dimension to this popular art form. From Lucknow to Jaipur, street art became a medium of mass communication regarding the pandemic and its effects on our society.