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Since the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, women’s rights has been an area of concern. In light of the conflict in the country and the Taliban’s return to power, schools across Afghanistan, including in capital city Kabul, had seen a month-long closure. Recently, the Taliban government released a statement asking officials to arrange for the reopening of “madrassas, private and public schools and other academic institutions of the country”. However, the return to school was a privilege only granted to middle and high school boys in the county, with the statement making no mention of girls.
“All teachers and male students should attend school,” the statement said, according to a Reuters report.

In light of the announcement, students, both boys and girls, have shared photos and videos demanding that girl students be also allowed to resume studies. One such video was shared on Twitter by Afghan journalist Bilal Sarwary.

In the clip, a young girl is seen making a powerful speech about the need for girls and women to be educated in Afghanistan. She says it is necessary for the development of the county and future generations.

In the video, the girl says, “It is an opportunity to do something for our county. Allah has given this opportunity and women have equal rights…So, who is the Taliban to take this opportunity and rights from us?”

The impassioned speech continues with her saying, “Today’s girls are tomorrow’s mothers. If they do not have education, how will they teach manners to their children? I am from the new generation. I was not born to just eat, sleep and stay at home. I want to go to school. I want to do something for the development of my country.”

She adds, “Can you imagine how our country will develop without education? If I don’t get an education; if any girl in Afghanistan does not get an education, how will our next generation be well-mannered? If we have no education, we will not have any value in this world.”

Sharing the tweet, Mr Sarwary wrote, “‘I want to go to school.’ Powerful message from this eloquent Afghan girl.”

The fiery speech sent ripples across social media with users praising the girl’s courage for speaking out. The video has received over 48,300 views within hours of being uploaded and is being widely shared.

“So brave. Really impressed. Hope she is safe, as well as her family. I am sure, speaking out is a dangerous decision,” one user said.