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Urban Meyer has a “crisis” in the locker room

The man who writes the checks in Jacksonville isn’t happy with Jaguars coach Urban Meyer. The men who do the on-field heavy lifting apparently aren’t, either. Mike Silver, who shifted

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Regenerating the cells that keep the heart beating

Specialized cells that conduct electricity to keep the heart beating have a previously unrecognized ability to regenerate in the days after birth, a new study in mice by UT Southwestern

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Energy prices: Steel boss says government offers no solution

He was speaking after leaders of energy-intensive industries met with Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng. “We can’t wait until Christmas and beyond. Or even a few weeks. We need action now,

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Epic Games reportedly in talks to produce a Fortnite movie

Video game film and television adaptations have been hit-or-miss. Most have been massive failures except for a few here and there—the Netflix originals The Witcher and Castlevania being a couple

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“Wally” The Celebrity Walrus Swims 4,000 km, Turns Up In Iceland

One of the most famous walruses of the world, Wally, has been rediscovered. Wally the walrus was feared to be dead after it went missing for 22 days. The arctic

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